Food for Thought

These are a series of quick thoughts and potential answers.

Q: If we are to love others, what is one of the quickest ways to stop that practice?
A: Judge them!

Q: When do sheep lie down in green pastures?
A: When they feel both safe and full

Q: Does the moon shine it’s own light or reflect that of the greater light?
A: Reflect. How about us as Christians?

Q: What is the greatest evidence of God’s creation? The really high mathematical probabilities of the universe(s) existence otherwise?
A: As great an evidence as that is, the best evidence is the existence of Love! Only those who know the love of Jesus really know what Love is. It is truly incomprehensible to even the smartest of mankind.

Q: What is a fair analogy for prayer?
A: A Christian without prayer is like a smartphone without a sim card.